Nike - Gucci Dunks (An Alternative and not Fake either)

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So you missed the DJ Clark Kent East "Gucci" Nike Dunks (Like I did), or you can't afford the high prices on the sample ripped denim "Gucci" Dunks (up to $1,000) online, or maybe you can't wait for the holiday release of the new denim "Gucci" being released this holiday season. Here's a comparison of the Sample (rough denim) to the Holiday (neat stitched denim)

To be honest I'm doing it for all 3 reasons, plus it will be exclusive to me (with my name on it). You can get em on NikeID.

I created a Gucci inspired Dunk in July on NikeID when you could have your name set behind the swoosh in a repeating pattern but I missed the deadline to buy em. So even though, I have it saved in my Nike locker, I can't purchase them.

Today I was browsing NikeID again, and I saw some new colors and materials. So I again attempted to design a Gucci. Lo and Behold I made one, and in my fave material, Patent Leather. Hopefully I get 4 hours of overtime soon, I only buy new shoes on OT money. Also if you don't like Dunks, why not buy a Blazer?

July NikeID design for Kalik (Unavailable to Purchase)

NikeID design for Kalik

NikeID design for Kalik

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