Island state of mind!

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yeah I’m out that Yamacraw /
Right down by Haitian Village /
Across from Lizzy, yeah it’ll be hood forever /
I’m the new Rick Fox
and since he made it here
I can make it anywhere /
(Yeah they love me everywhere)
I used to cop at Hoffers
/ Where Yellow was selling tapes /
I was buying Nike in the 90’s before Bapes /
Right there off of Baystreet, the bus took me to that McDonalds /
So I took it back to my stash spot
abandoned house by the pink wall /
me in the bedroom bagging raw like an Atlantis busboy /
Cruising down Eastern Rd /
Dark grey Sentra
Driving slow 
(playing rap dreaming of the USA!!)
maybe if I actually got to class I’ll be there one day /
Me I’m from that Andros Cres, House number five /
Playing dominoes in the back, we sure was live /
chillin with my boy Woody
now I live in Tampa
and I brought my boy with me /
But he got deported / so I’m by myself drinking Kaliks /
Sitting 2nd level
Rays vs Philly bought a scalpers ticket /
I’m at the World Series / but no one would believe me /
I’m drunk I could wild out
start a fight just to get on TV /
...tell by my attitude that I’m MOST DEFINITELY FROM /


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