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Today I left for work early, which is rare. Me being from the islands... I dunno man. I leave for work at the exact minute everyday..knowing I need a blessing from GOD to arrive on time. I know I need 45 minutes with no rain, accidents, no more than 3 red lights etc, for me to make it. Today I left at 6:45...

I was enjoying my morning drive.. no stress. A funny talk show on. Messing on the phone (not safe I know). When I saw a car broken down at one of the major corporate centers near work. In this part of town, you have 2-3 major corporations that share these centers. Unlike back-home where a business is stand-alone... I drove pass him and parked my car. Hopped out and ran back to help him push his car. He was going to cause a hell of a backup because this area has many businesses.

First thing I notice is 3 more guys came to help, so I told homie to hop in and steer, instead of pushing and steering because he was drifting into the next lane. Then I noticed it was a Kia... OMG don't ever buy a Korean car... We keep pushing and a few ladies from work drove by. They cheered at me.. AWWwwww

Long story short, after we push him a block down the road into a parking area. He just hops on the phone and calls someone. No thanks to anyone.

I check my watch... I'm still going to be early. So I'm happy, and would help him again.

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