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So last night I was invited to attend my 2nd show (podcast) for B.O.D. aka "Bunch of Dorks", it's a podcast about everyday happenings in the life of 3 characters... Mow, Promee and the Man with no Name. Last nights show covered the election, some kung-fu and online social sites.

Before I went to the show I had about 2 hours to kill and I drove around Largo into 'Da Burg. It's amazing the places you see or forget about when you go off the same path you drive daily. I used to live in the area 7 years ago, and it was good to see places again, and the changes to others. Swung by the mall to see if any new kicks were out that I wanted, and enjoyed having time to think.

During these thoughts, I couldn't help thinking about getting another source of income (job). I already work 2.... but I'm sure I could handle a 3rd. Now you may wonder why?

Well my 1st source of income is my career, I work as a Graphic Artist for a national company, and it pays well for the area (Florida), but that only handles so far, and its a M-F 9-5 hours so I have plenty of time. I used to hustle 5 days, doing deliveries in the early morning before I went to the office under-the-table.

About a year ago that switched to a regular 7 day delivery job which was legit, but my wife who was at the time a stay-at-home mom (hard work), took it over in her name. So now she does 7 days and I work 2 and help anytime she needs an extra hand... but I really hate it, because it has gone downhill since I started doing it. Due to the economy, it makes no sense to quit it as it is good income, so we are sticking with it for awhile. The benefit of it is, we get to keep our younger son home until he starts school, and save money on daycare because of the early hours.

Back to the 3rd ... there are a few items I want, big expensive items. Since they aren't a necessity and only wants. I feel I should work "extra" for them. We have 2 older cars paid off (by Jan 09), but if I get the car I want "2009 Dodge Challenger R/T" it would mean a new car loan, and a car payment again. Then it would need the tints, rims, stereo upgrades etc, hah. So yup, I need extra $$$. Plus I always wanted to have a wardrobe of fresh Nikes, and jeans, and tees (which I hope to design my own) and that needs $ also. I figure a lil extra money each week would handle it all.

We'll see if I get a 3rd hustle, or find another option. I'm already working/hustling 7 days... whats a few more hours.

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