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As I sit here thinking of what I want to achieve with the blog, with my thoughts to the masses my mind races furiously. I want to express what I am, without being watered down, without being fake, without any pretenses and remorse.

So lets get it started BOOM!

I'm an islander born on a rock in the Atlantic only 21miles long by 7miles wide. This island molded me into what I am... I love Nassau (in the Bahamas). It was a mix of everything growing up. Mix of Britain and American influences with Caribbean and West Indian and of course our own Bahamian essence absorbed into the people and culture.

My early years were entirely spent in my hood. Growing up with my brother and single mother. We were one of the 1st tier of homes built in the area, so as the area built up I knew everyone, that came into it. Eventually as the years went on, and many boys moved in a crew of friends was formed. I consider these people my true friends for life, as we grew and experienced many trials and tribulations (that I will get into later) together.

After my early life and schooling at age 18 I moved to the USA to pursue every dream I could imagine, of what I had seen and heard in American movies, TV and music. College and my career, and a new family was created here (wife and 2 wonderful boys). At 28 I had achieved the "basic" American dream - House, cars, career, happy family.

So as a entered my 3rd decade of being alive this year. I started to reflect and wanted to get back to my roots as much as possible. I wanted to work on myself and improve what I see as pitfalls. Some things I planned for myself and am now working on is sketching tattoos, growing my locks, getting in peak physical shape, and trying to understand the spiritual realm of this universe.

This blog will address my issues, and world issues from that point of view. Stick around and get to know Kalik.

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