Almost done with gaming... But first I have to jack that car!

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I was a game addict for years... From the age of 9 (4th grade) when I was 1st introduced to the Nintendo Entertainment System, up until the Playstation 2 ( I owned every system that I could grab). After the PS2 I switched to PC gaming for online gaming mainly Massive Multiplayer Online games. I started playing MMO's in 1999 with Everquest, and tried roughly 20-30 titles over 10 years. The main ones I stuck with were EQ1 (4 years), World of Warcraft (3 years), Age of Conan (7 months). I even won a gaming tournament that got me featured in the island newspaper in the 6th grade.

I had given up on gaming after I tired of MMO's, because after years of playing games with thousands of people, I no longer found it fun to play a game solo. An old favorite from my PS2 days had peeked my interest, because it has multiplayer aspects and a previous title had been modded to be an MMO by the PC community. Yes I'm gonna buy Grand Theft Auto 4 (PC version - since I don't own any of the new gen consoles). It is being released sometime this month.

Awesome trailer with one of my favorite Reggae singers, Mavado:

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